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What are the aims of UKAP?

Specifically UKAP aims to:

  • Raise the profile of ADHD on the healthcare and political agenda to build better futures for children and young people with the condition and their families. 
  • Drive better access to ADHD diagnosis, support and treatment using evidence-based methodologies and interventions
  • Establish and disseminate valid protocols for the screening of ADHD for use by individuals who are not healthcare providers such as those working in education and criminal justice services
  • Improve long term educational, occupational and social outcomes for children and young people with ADHD
  • Develop and disseminate psychoeducational materials and/or guidance for use by a broad range of services
  • Organise conferences and expert workshops on key topics
  • Provide expert training and consultancy with regards to ADHD and comorbidities
  • Provide a supportive forum for a membership of healthcare and allied professionals
  • Employ internet and social networking tools to reach out to allied professionals
  • Develop a research network to increase the evidence base for effective treatments