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ADHD - What is it?

ADHD is a common behavioural disorder affecting school-age children:

  • The prevalence figure is 3.62% in boys and 0.85% in girls aged between 5 and 15 years nationally, which makes the condition four times more prevalent in boys.3
  • Up to two thirds of children diagnosed with ADHD will continue to experience symptoms into adulthood.3

Children with ADHD often act without thinking, can be hyperactive and may have trouble focusing. ADHD can affect all aspects of a person’s life, extending far beyond poor behaviour or problems at school. The symptoms can have a significant impact upon their early development, on family life, relationships with friends, school discipline and society as a whole.4

“...Too many children [with ADHD] are ‘slipping through the net’ and, as a consequence, they are learning to fail.” 5

Dr Val Harpin, Consultant Paediatrician



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