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Ministry of Justice Consultation & Response

In 2014 UKAP participated in a consultation process for the Ministry of Justice, providing our response to their specific consultation questions.  For details of UKAP’s advice, please click here to view the PDF.

Transforming Youth Custody - government response to the consultation - Friday 17th January 2014

The Ministry of Justice published the response to its consultation Transforming Youth Custody: Putting education at the heart of detention. The response to the consultation can be found online.

Essentially the MoJ endorse that young people deserve access to a high quality education which will allow them to fulfil their potential. Youth custody provides an opportunity to equip young offenders with the skills, qualifications and self-discipline they need to build a life free from crime. However, it is acknowledged that for serious and persistent young offenders, youth custody is not delivering good enough outcomes. To address the MoJ outine the following plans:

Secure Colleges

To introduce a pathfinder Secure College, a new secure educational establishment which will put education at the heart of youth custody. It is planned for the pathfinder Secure College to open in the East Midlands in 2017 and, if proven successful, will provide a blueprint for a network of Secure Colleges across England and Wales to replace most existing youth custodial provision.

Enhancing existing provision

As well as taking forward plans to introduce a Secure College, it is aimed to improve education provision in Young Offender Institutions (YOIs).

At present, 15-17 year olds in YOIs receive an average of only 12 hours contracted education a week and to address this, the MOJ launched a competition for new contracts which will seek to more than double the number of hours young people in YOIs spend in education each week.


The MoJ iterate their commitment to improving the resettlement of young people in order that progress in custody is built upon on release. It is aimed for all young people to return to suitable accommodation, with an increase in education, training or employment activities and a decrease in reoffending.