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Meet the Team!

Prof. Peter Hill

peter_hill.jpgProfessor Peter Hill is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist with extensive training and qualifications in general medicine, psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry and pediatrics. His main work nowadays is at a thriving private practice at 35 Great James Street, Bloomsbury, Londoon WC1N 3HB, focusing on neurodevelopmental disorders and mental illness in the young. He has previously headed departments at St George’s, University of London, (where he was foundation professor of child mental health in the University of London and is still visiting professor) and at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Over the years he has advised government departments in the UK and overseas on child mental health issues, particularly service delivery. He has been a key opinion leader in ADHD for some twenty years and has written, lectured or advised on the management of ADHD nationally and internationally. The themes he has most recently been invited to talk on at various international meetings are the manifestations and treatment of ADHD as children mature through adolescence into adulthood, and how treatment interventions can best be targeted, and children’s experiences of psychiatric disorder and its treatment.

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Visit his website: www.prof-peter-hill.org