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What is the Better Futures Campaign?

UKAP (UK ADHD Partnership) believes that:

  • ADHD is under-diagnosed and under-treated with severe consequences for children with the condition, their families and society as a whole. Detailed research and studies highlight the knock-on effects of unidentified or poorly managed ADHD, most notably the possible decline into social exclusion and anti-social and potentially criminal behaviour.
  • Improved diagnosis and access to appropriate support and treatment would be cost-effective and could have a radical impact on education, criminal justice, family welfare, healthcare and anti-social behaviour.
  • Every school-age child with ADHD should have the opportunity to fulfil their life potential through comprehensive assessment in schools, early intervention and appropriate support.

We are committed to helping drive better access to ADHD diagnosis, support and treatment and raising its profile on the healthcare and political agenda to build better futures for children with the condition.