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Training Sub-Committee

Dr Susan Young

Fintan O'Regan

Polly Branney

Bill Colley

Gisli Gudjonsson

Dr Emad Farrag

Emma Woodhouse

Dr Jade Smith

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Dr Jade Smith is a Senior Clinical Psychologist with experience in a range of mental health and learning disability services, including in a Neurodevelopmental Team in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.  She currently works in Yorkshire with children with long term health conditions and intellectual impairments.  She provides assessment and psychological intervention for young people with complex needs including Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD and their families. 

Jade has designed and facilitated the development of an ADHD pathway in a child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) and is currently writing a book on adapting CBT for children with ADHD.