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Meet the Team

Sue Curtis

sue_curtis.jpgSue Curtis is the administrator for The UK ADHD Partnership (UKAP). Sue began her working career working for a Merchant Bank in the City of London, which was to be a long and varied career with the Bank. She started as an ICL operator and quickly progressed to Supervisor of 2 machine rooms. Sue later became a systems analyst, and designed and implemented a new payroll system for the group.

Whilst remaining with the bank she made a career change into Travel, and later became Travel Manager for the banking group of companies, with responsibilities for consolidation of travel systems under a centralized control, in addition to a variety of other administerial functions which she also managed on a day to day basis. After a long career with the bank, she decided to leave and took a year’s sabbatical, after which she started work for an Airline and Telecommunications company as UK Travel Co-ordinator, later becoming Travel manager for EUMEA, where she was responsible for all the operational management and travel related issues in the UK and regionally. Her achievements included the creation of a Global Hotel Program, and the design and implementation of an Electronic Travel Request System, later adopted as the standard on a Global basis.

Sue was also responsible for organising a number of global meetings and events for user groups within the airline fraternity. Following redundancy, she went to work for a Business Travel Agency as Account Director, developing and implementing strategic business plans for a portfolio of some of the top business accounts, whilst supporting the Account Management team.

Sue is also the Administrator for the UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN).