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Lord Ramsbotham

pic-patron-lordRamsbotham.jpgAfter coming down from Cambridge, where I read History, I was commissioned into the Rifle Brigade in 1957, eventually retiring in 1993 in the rank of General and an ADC (General) to HM the Queen.  From then until 1995, when I was appointed HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, I was Director International Affairs with Defence Systems Ltd, working with the UN and World Bank on post-conflict reconstruction including demining, and chaired Hillingdon Hospital.  As Chief Inspector, from which I retired in 2001, I inspected and/or visited every prison and immigration detention centre in England, Wales and N Ireland, as well as others in America, Canada, Germany, the Caribbean Overseas Territories and Scotland.  In 2005 I was appointed an independent cross bench member of the House of Lords, where I concentrate on all aspects of penal reform, including youth justice, healthcare and education.

I warmly support the Group’s urging of increased attention on ADHD, because I believe that its impact and treatment have for too long been either ignored or misunderstood.  I am particularly keen that this should include identification during youth custody, which presents a priceless opportunity for remedial action that could determine the future of many young people.

'I warmly support the Group’s urging of increased attention on ADHD'