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Fintan O'Regan

Training Courses

ADHD: Teaching and Management

The SF3R Behaviour and Learning Programme



O’Regan F (2008) The Small Change 2 BIG DIFFERENCE series Hyperactive, Inattentive and Disorganised, Special Direct

O’Regan F (2006) Troubleshooting Challenging Behaviours Continuum International

O’Regan F (2006) Challenging Behaviours Teachers Pocketbooks

O’Regan F (2005) Surviving and Succeeding in SEN Continuum International

O’Regan F (2005) ADHD : Continuum International

O’Regan F (2002) How to teach and manage children with ADHD: LDA a division of McGraw- Hill

Cooper P and O’Regan F (2001) EDUCATING children with ADHD: Routledge Falmer Press


Academic Journals


Consistant Inconsistancy - Following the reclassification of ADHD, Fintan O’Regan explores the key issues and offers some pointers to help these children make progress in the classroom. Download.

Five minutes with... Fin O’Regan. Download.


The strange case of the missing scales. Download.

Bullying and SEN. Download.


SF3R: A formula for Behaviour Management? Download


Exclusion from School and Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Download


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